Work thoughts

I find myself constantly reacting to whatever happens at work and having that determine my mood. Despite a year in SCS and knowing the model, I still choose to react to circumstances. For example, if work was good that day and I hit some milestones, I’m happy the rest of the day. If my boss reacted negatively to a project or if I couldn’t solve something, I make that mean all sorts of crazy stuff and then spin out the rest of the day. I have been modeling each thought when I can but it seems like I still have a “mega” thought or belief that work determines my worthiness or that people’s opinions of my success and abilities control how I think of myself. I understand that that’s a thought intellectually but my intentional models do not feel believable.

Besides self coaching in the mornings which is what I’m doing now, do you have suggestions on how I can let go of this pattern and start believing that work, my contributions, and other people’s opinions don’t determine how I think of myself and my day?