Work vs marriage

So I’m in the process of becoming a partner at the vet practice I work at. So my impossible goal is to finish the negotiation, take the loan, become a partner and pay off a quarter of the loan by the end of 2018.
It feels terrifying and ick. Which I take to mean it’s a good choice of impossible goal.

But last night I had a few arguments with my husband and went to bed angry and alone again. I think my marriage is actually in trouble. We’ve only been married 3 years. But I find myself thinking horrible thoughts automatically. We haven’t been intimate since Easter. Since I joined scholars and cleaned up some of my thinking we fight less (or I fight less with him) but there is still very little love from my side.

Anyway my question is should I rather make my focus of 2018 my marriage instead. I’m thinking that the result of working on that will probably bring more happiness. And my work goals will still happen. But if I go all in with work I might turn around and find my marriage collapsed while I wasn’t looking.
I have always put my work above my personal life and maybe that should change?

Also I feel like a cliche – brain wanting to change focus just like you said it would!

But the result of a happy marriage feels more compelling than the result of a number in a bank balance.

Of course a happy marriage is a difficult thing to measure whereas a number in a bank balance is much more black and white.

Also I guess either way both of these parts of my life will receive attention through daily thought downloads.

I appreciate your time reading this and welcome your thoughts.