Work Woes Part 2

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I took the suggestion to work another model around what I think are ‘clouded interactions’ based on the two instances I had regarding the hiring of the MA and Dan’s calling the owners twice about this.

C Dan called K&B about my decision not to hire his preferred candidate
T He shouldn’t have done that
F Offended
A Tell my circle, stew, defend myself to K&B, defend myself to myself, justify myself, defend myself to Dan, wish I could just hide, withdraw from talking to anyone, wonder if I should quit to get away from him, avoid him, use these two incidents to make him wrong about everything all the time, refuse to see all sides of the situation, try to enlist the lead MA to be ‘on my side’, refuse to listen to any concern he has about any MA, put a wall up between us, freeze him out
R I behave in a way I’m unhappy about (I shouldn’t do that)