Work Woes

I interviewed a Medical Assistant (for the 2d time) at the request of the new doctor in our practice. I previously interviewed her (at his request) and both I and my Lead MA felt that she wasn’t a great fit for the practice because we felt she had an attitude or something was off. He called the two owners of the practice when I didn’t hire her. I was irritated but let it go and even had a “clear the air “ talk with him. Fast forward 2 months. I terminated an MA 2 weeks ago and he once again approached me about this person and asked me to give her another interview. He acknowledged that he “may have “ told her that the 1st interview was just a formality and she actually had the job. I told him that this would explain why she acted that way on the interview and agreed to re-interview her but made no promises. So, against my judgment I had the Lead re-interview her after I emailed her and was very specific about the salary for the position. I asked her if she was still interested in the position at that salary and she said she was. She was re-interviewed and offered the position. he refused the position because of salary and asked me for 1.50/hour more. I wrote her back and said that I thought she was ok with the salary and that I wouldn’t be paying her that and I was sorry she didn’t accept. The doctor called me that night asking me to make an exception for her which I refused to do. I carefully outlined my reasons to him and he seemed to accept it even though he wasn’t happy about it. On Friday I offered the job to someone else.

This morning when I arrived I had an email from #1 stating that she decided to accept the position. I wrote her back and told her that there was no position because she refused my offer and I moved on. 2 hours later, Doctor called me but I was in the middle of something else and also wanted to gather myself before responding. He then called the 2 owners of the practice because he felt it was that urgent. So much for gathering myself and formulating a thoughtful response.

Once I calmed down I was able to get to Model 2 but I realized that I’m clouding my interactions with him from the other time he tried to have me hire this person. So I’m bringing the past into the future.

C Dan called K&B about my decision not to hire his preferred candidate
T I cant believe he went over my head
F Enraged
A Call my husband, meet with the lead MA, justify my position, stew, ruminate, talk to K and B separately, tell them if they allow her to be hired, they need to fire me, tell Dan off for going over my head
R I go over Dan’s head twice

C Dan called K&B about my decision not to hire his preferred candidate
T This really isn’t as big of a deal as I’m making it out to be
F Pensive
A Process the anger without buffering, exercise, deep breathing, review the situation to be sure I’m clean on my decision and my reasons, compare this issue to what is going on in the world, decide that I will be professional and keep my personal feelings aside, vow to trust my gut more, stop trying to figure other people out
R I realize that this isn’t a big deal and I was making too much out of it