Work worries, pt 2

Answering the questions from the A to my Q with the same title …

What are you making it mean about yourself if you make a mistake?
T: I can’t do this
T: I can’t even do this stupid $11/hour job
T: I’m so pathetic
T: I’m going to lose my jobs
T: I won’t be able to pay my bills and will be homeless (essentially lol)
T: I’m going to be fired
T: I can’t do anything right

Here’s another model you can finish:

C: I have a full time job and part-time job; my 2020 IG is to make $130K.
T: I can barely balance what is currently on my plate
F: stressed
A: worry a lot. don’t plan my time. don’t think about my IG. buffer with sugar and sometimes alcohol and Netflix and busyness. don’t shower. don’t budget. ask the same questions over and over again at my part-time job. don’t trust myself. think I made a mistake getting these two new jobs.
R: I create more evidence that I can’t balance what’s on my plate

Why do you suppose you are thinking that reaching your goal of $130K will require more time or work? Check in with the version of you who has reached the goal of earning $130K while working a full time and part time job. What would she tell you she did to make it happen?

She said that we worked a better paying full-time job (I just got this new one though …), quit the part-time job, and build a side business.