Working on only 1 Goal at a Time

I often get overwhelmed with the number of projects I have going on. Limiting them to completing only one goal before taking on another task is unrealistic as one is a work goal, one is weight loss, and I am going to college part-time while working full-time and have a school project to complete. I procrastinate on schooling, don’t always use my time well at work, and am not always focused on setting aside time for going through weight loss materials (your Stop Overeating program, identifying intentional thoughts etc). Please better describe your advice to only focus on one goal when life is lived with several projects going on at once. Also, there is just all the day to day living activities one has to do (laundry, grocery shopping, food prep, cleaning etc). And I want to do a better job with managing my money. That takes time and attention. If it takes a year to lose my weight, I could be in major debt if I only focus on weight loss right now.
When I am most productive, I set aside time for each project / activity and then focus on that one project at a time. Is this what you mean? If not, please be more clear.