Working with 2 coaches

Hi Brooke,
I’m working with a business coach (and certified life coach) who is blowing my mind with her ability to help me build my business. I’m also working with you, and frankly don’t really have a particular focus here. In my life, my business is my biggest project. As we are moving into a month focused on getting it done, and you’re launching the entrepreneur program, I think my most obvious goal is something related to my business. I’m just wondering your thoughts about working with two coaches at once. As a therapist, I wouldn’t do it because of the possibility of splitting, and just overall confusion. Most of the time, I love the energy I get from finding the ways that you and she overlap. I just wonder if my goals this month in SCS should be related to something else. I wouldn’t mind losing weight and have lost 10 lbs since starting a protocol, it just really isn’t my main jam at the moment!