Working 3 Days a Week

Hi Brooke – So I’m working on my goals and one of them is to sell off a warehouse full of inventory and downsize so that I can move my business into my basement while I transition to another career. I have set all sorts of goals and have used your techniques to get things done to eventually get to the long term goals of getting in shape, starting a new career that allows me to work less and finally retire comfortably. So I have actually taken another step toward my goals by selling off a small chunk of merchandise which enables me to get some of the work started to finish off my basement. Well, I’m home today because I have a basement full of workers down there. Normally I would be at the warehouse working. But today, I’m home. I have been doing some work here but I’m concerned about slowing down and working from home and retirement. I’m afraid I will be bored to tears. I know you said that you only work 3 days a week. I plan on that sort of work schedule. But what do you do the rest of the week? 4 days is a lot of time to fill. I’m afraid of not being productive and losing my mind with boredom.