Working with another coach (just wanted to share)

Hi! My firm hired a coach for me to assist in whatever areas I feel I need it as part of a leadership training program aimed toward senior level employees ready to advance to the next level in the company (everyone in the group got sessions with a coach in their area). My coach is not certified by the Life Coach School, but is very familiar with Brooke’s work and was surprised when I told her that I was as well and have listened to just about every podcast. I recently met with my coach for our first in-person session and it was hilarious because as we were talking and I was answering her questions, when she got to one that I answered, “I don’t know,” I then IMMEDIATELY said, “But if I did know, what would the answer be?” And she laughed and I said, “I told you I’ve listened to all of Brooke’s podcasts! Is that going to speed things up?” So super funny and of course I totally hit it off with the coach because of the Brooke connection!