Working backward from the R line

I am new to self coaching, I have created this model and would like some feedback. I just signed up for life coach certification and am in week one. I am having a lot of drama around the fact that I am nervous to tell people that I am going to be a life coach. I know that it is because I am judging myself. I am have worked the unintentional model and now am working with a new model. I worked it backwards, so I am starting with the R line here. There is something off about my model and I can’t see it. Any perspective would be appreciated. Thanks!

R: Confidence in my career choice (I am wondering if this is a feeling instead of a result, but that is the result I want…)
A: Tell people I am going to be a life coach
F: Excited
T: I can’t wait to tell everyone about my new career
C: I started life coach training July 12, 2021