Working hours

I remember you mentioning you only work 3-4 days a week and not a full 8 hrs (4hrs/day?). Is there a reason you set it up this way? Is it about less, but higher quality more focused and productive? Do you find that if you work more than that you start to lose focus/energy or get burnt out? I’ve been an entrepreneur for 6 years and i’m realizing that i’ve had an unconscious belief that i have to work at least 8 hours a day to be productive. I come from a family that has always worked hard – my dad a field worker, working 10-12 hrs a day and my mom a seamstress also usually working at least 8 hrs a day. After college I went straight to a corporate job where we were required to work at least 8 hrs and encouraged to stay longer – not leave earlier than your bosses. It hasn’t been until I’ve started to see examples of people working less (you, Jess Lively of the Lively Show, Alex Ikonn of the 5-min journal) that I’ve started to realize there’s another way. The examples are inspiring but then stop myself from trying something similar b/c I feel guilty and like I need permission (from who, I don’t know!). I guess what I need to do is believe it is not necessary to struggle and hustle and that it’s not about quantity of time.

Is this something you worked up to? putting systems in place, outsourcing certain tasks, hiring a team to etc. Did you work more hours/days before? Or did you find it just helped you achieve the same amount of work in less time by setting up your schedule this way?

I keep thinking that if I could just get focused and productive enough 8 hours a day 6 days a week, I could accomplish all my goals, but I struggle with staying focused and productive for that long. Am I being unrealistic? Should I strive for fewer hours that are more laser focused?