Working the model and want to be sure I’m doing it right.

C – current relationship with boyfriend
T – I don’t know if he is the one.
F – fear
A – avoid conversations about this
R – stay in limbo – no forward moving progress.

Then I did two additional models because there were three thoughts in a row (I don’t know if he is the one, fear if we talk about it it will lead us to breaking up – fear if we break up it will be a mistake – and fear I will be alone.

All of those thoughts have same feeling of fear and uncertainty, all with same action – avoid conversations about this
all results are same – stay in limbo/no forward moving progress.

I’m wondering then if the best way to tackle these models it to determine what Feeling I want to feel and figure out the thoughts that could make me truly feel that way? In an effort to change the action and result.

Please let me know if I’m on the right page with this.

Thank you!!