Working mom, Childcare costs

First, I’d like to shot out, to me, for taking action in have a conversation with my boss. I would love to continue to work, I like working outside of the home. The problem is that the childcare I want for my children exceeds my net monthly income. Can you help me understand where I am going wrong with the models I have come up with? I would like some direction in solution finding. I want to make enough money to support the expense of care for my children.

Old Model
C: Decent Childcare is expensive
T: I don’t make enough to afford the childcare I want for my kids.
A: Found cheap daycare.
R: I send my children to a daycare I am not happy with, everyday, for the last 3 years.

New Model
C: I want better care for my kids and I want to work
T: New thought: I am worth making a salary that will afford the childcare I want for my children.
A: I had a conversation with my boss (no room for growth), I gave my notice.
R: Now what?