Working more efficiently in my new job

I just got a new job and I got a great pay increase. What I’d like to do is become so fast and thorough at doing my work so that I can find additional ways to make money. It should be noted that my current employer doesn’t truly care about hours worked (their words, not mine), but that they care about results.

In my last job, I had so much work and I did thought work on how to increase my speed. It was a good experience to learn how to become more productive even though I didn’t get a pay raise or counteroffer when I left. I want the extra time during the day to go to being able to work on my coaching business and on learning more about investing. But when I think about being more productive in order to free up time to work on my own projects, I get the following thoughts:

I probably will be given way more work to do if I’m productive
I won’t have enough time to make meaningful progress on other goals
Maybe the work from my job will take up all the working hours and even more
I’m greedy and I keep wanting more when other people would be totally happy and content with this current work set up
I’m stealing from my employer
I should be able to do all the other work I want to do on my own time

Obviously, I want to move forward without conflict, and I think that my reasons for making more money are not about the money itself, but about overcoming the challenges to being more productive. I also do like the extra money because it provides me with more options.