Working on a new body

I thought of you and your 7/10th overeating coaching call. I have participated in a few Triathlons since 2011. The last one was this February in Cuba. I don’t consider myself an athlete as I still walk the run part and my goal have been to actually jog it. This year has been a trying one with some medical issues. Migraines, herniated discs and my arthritis on my shoulder has decided to show up. I’m not training but I’m doing physical therapy and sometimes going to doctors 4 times a week. It’s my purse, but making sure to take care of my health and my body.

I’m thankful that my job as an Airbnb host and coach gives me the freedom and flexibility to attend to my health and appointments without worrying about limited sick days.

This past weekend was the NY City Triathlon, which was my first triathlon, and I went to cheer my teammates. Not only were they amazing, complimenting my weight loss, 40 pounds, and counting, but also their genuine support for everyone. No matter their speed, size or age. Having a team to support you is priceless. Like here. They were running along side the slowest of the slow. I have been one of them. In one race I was the person who took the longest. Yes, I have that honor. Thank you very much.

At one point of the day, we were walking down the transition area, you see the Hudson River, the bikes. NY and the athletes who have done the race picking-up their equipment.

And I got all THESE FEELINGS of excitement, of pure joy. For the future.

Today I’m barely raising my arms above my shoulders, I’m not clear yet to swim, but I’m working on it. And I’ll swim that river. And I was happy and looking forward to it. Not feeling sorry for myself and not yearning of the old body. But looking forward to the new body. The one I’m working on right now. Doing my exercises, losing weight, making sure I don’t insure myself.

And I thought of your call of saying don’t wish for the body you had in high school or before the babies. Wish for the future body, the new body.

Knowing the result I want:
C: (what’s the c?)
T: I’m taking care of my health.
F: Motivated, Excited,
A: Train and take care of my health
R: Finish the 2018 NYC Tri: simple goals don’t die (hey 2 people die in the first triathlon I did) and finish