working on a money model to grow my cash

I am new into scholars and am recognizing how my thoughts create my results. I’m in debt. I have identified the thought that lead to the debt as “The money is coming, so it’s okay to go into debt now”. End result – the money has not shown up and the debt has grown. The debt is nearly maxed out my credit card. I’m trying to think of the debt as neutral.

I’ve created a new thought, and have been working with it for a day or so. (I know, only a day!) it’s this. I worked with a few different options around money, debt, financials, financial management, and finally just settled on the word “cash”. because “money” often has lots of weird implications and thoughts, but cash is awesome. Cash reminds me of when I was a kid I used to find pippies in the sand on the beach for my dad to use as bait. (Not puppies, for anyone else reading. LOL!) I negotiated with my dad to pay me 10 cents per pippie, but he quickly realized we were decimating both the pippie population and his wallet!. Cash feels good for me, and its cash I need right now.

Circumstance: Money management
Thought: My cash is growing today, because I am paying attention to it today.
Feeling: Excited.
Actions: do money management tasks, submit expense claim forms, submit healthcare claims, check what is owing on my bills and pay them. Contact the temp agency and do the paperwork to accept temp jobs while my business gets off the ground.
Result: my cash increases over time.

I have another very useful thought that I’m using in conjunction with this which is “I can make offers now so that I can make irresistible offers.” But I still have a question around how long this new model thought will take to manifest in my life?

My question is how to do another model around staying calm while this new thought takes effect and shows results? Something around holding true to this thought, and being completely confident that I will be okay until I see results. thanks.