Working on a niche

Hi Brooke,

I am considering starting a side coaching business but am still working on a niche. I have been working with adults and children with developmental disabilities since I was 14 years old (I’m now 42) so I have lots of knowledge on the service side of things. I don’t have kids but I do have dependent parents which I often feel is similar! I am currently a Director at an agency that works with people with disabilities and find them jobs and assist them in living in their own homes.

Here’s some possible niches I am considering:

1 – Mothers who live in Orange County, CA who have recently had a child diagnosed with a developmental disability. They are overwhelmed with guilt and grief and don’t know where to start. They need direction, support and thought work to manage the negativity which will come up for them.

2 – Mothers who live in Orange County, CA who have adult children with a development disability who are aging out of school and looking to transition into the workforce (typically age 18-22). These women have been used to working with the school system and are terrified of their children going out into the workforce or moving into their own apartments and being more independent. They need support and to learn to manage their minds to allow the dignity of risk for their children.

I have worked extensively with the second group as I’ve helped many of these parents through the process as a service provider finding their kids jobs. But I’ve seen such stress and misery from the parents who have been in a school system for 18 years and now it’s a whole new world for them. I feel my value comes from having seen the success of these kids finding jobs and knowing it’s possible. I could market through school transition programs which I already work with to provide this resource to parents when they begin the transition process (which often begins at age 18 so they’re educated and ready by age 22). The first group isn’t as familiar to me but I feel like I can help at such a vulnerable time because I know what’s possible for their kids.

Do either of these sound like I’m on the right track? Thanks!