Working on Drink Plan and Overdrinking

I am happy and successful with my eating protocol. I have a goal to decrease wine intake to once every 2 weeks. I am working on this now.

I made a drink plan for #CoronaTime to only drink chardonnay 2X/week, Weds and Sun
I noticed on those evenings I ate off protocol after drinking (pretzels, a brownie) and this stalled my weight loss progress.
I am modifying the plan to only drink now once a week.

C- Eating off protocol
T- This is normal human response to alcohol
F – curious
A – adjust plan accordingly to better achieve my goals of weight loss and decreasing alcohol. Focus the allowing of urges and use of urge jar. Think about my why, to do what I say I will do, to love myself, have my own back and health. Love myself unconditionally.
R- continue to progress in my work, achieve goal weight and drink goal of drinking less than once per week.