Working on Impossible Goal.

I’ve been working on my impossible goal of making 100k life coaching this year.

I have in recent months tried to focus on just trying to create 10k in value in a month.

So my thought work result line is: 10k in sales

I haven’t hit it yet in the four months I’ve been trying.

I’m wondering if it will be helpful to try to bring my goal down to earning 5k in sales a month consistently before jumping to 10k.

I’m not sure if this means I’m giving up on my goal or taking it easy and avoiding my thoughts or if this is how I gain the confidence in myself to get to 10k in a month one day.

Of course, I feel bad bringing my goal down but I also feel bad not hitting my goal, black and white thinking, and judging and shaming myself either way.

How can I shift? What can I ask to find clarity in creating my result for myself?