Working on making sure I know "my thoughts create my feelings"

Answer from previous question
“Even though you understand intellectually that it is your thoughts that are causing you to feel frustrated, you also believe that his comments trigger you.
“Yesterday my partner said ‘Recently, I feel like you’ve been upset with me’ and this really triggered me.”
“I have been trying to come up with a new thought for this situation as it’s happening quite often , he makes comments and I get triggered…”
Your boyfriend’s words don’t have the power to trigger you. “Triggered” is a feeling caused by a thought.
Even if his comments stay the same, why is that a problem?
It will be very difficult to find new thoughts to believe if you also believe that his words have the power to trigger you”

This is so true – I think I have kind of admitted I knew it and stopped paying attention to this ..
Thank you so much .

Now I wonder … What would be a good exercise to focus on this ? Do you have a tip for making progress on making sure I see this comments as thoughts, a question or a method for it to be more obvious than it is now to me ?

Thanks a lot