Working on the believe that I can do it


Instead of 8 pounds down, I am doing 80 pages of my screenplay written this month.

I lost 6 pounds in June. The program was a success, and I wanted to apply the same protocol to write my pages.

I found out that I am good at deciding what I want, good at planning, good at following my plan, allowing urges, but the big difference between the weight loss process and the writing process is that I had the belief I could lose weight. I believed I could do it.

About my writing, I don’t believe that yet. And it is not creating the result that I want. When I go to “I have the capacities”, “In September I will have finished my screenplay”, etc, I don’t believe it.

Also, I don’t yet believe some bridge thoughts like “maybe I can do it”, “maybe I have what it take”, cause it reminds me that maybe not.

Can you help me?