Working on things for which there’s no immediate reward.

I work as a writer, which I enjoy a little too much, to be honest. I’d rather write than do almost anything else, and I’m at it a minimum of twelve hours a day if my kids are gone, and often more than that. The problem is that I’m not doing the other things I have to do, and writing always feels like a noble excuse not to do them (like “oh, I would, but work comes first”). I would like to spent 30 min – 1 h a day on Self Coaching Scholars, and about that much time working on my advertising. But those things aren’t fun. There is a long-term reward, but generally not an immediate one. I also feel some guilt when I do anything BUT write, because those things aren’t going to pay my bills in the short run. How do I get myself to add things to my day when they don’t feel rewarding?