Working relationships

I am really looking forward to May’s focus on relationships! I am struggling particularly with relationships at work with 2 people. My first thought I notice is, “They are making my work life so stressful with how inappropriate they are acting and functioning” but I’ve been listening to you long enough to know that they aren’t causing my stress, it’s how I am thinking about them and it’s not up to me to determine how they should be acting and functioning. I have set boundaries and expectations with them. Their actions that my negative thinking is focused around has to do with their drama, gossiping, and inappropriate behavior toward my other co-workers. This work situation is not ideal and is only a temporary thing for me as I got a promotion and will be working at a different location. I had taken the approach of just trying to survive the next few weeks, but I would like to learn to deal with it better because I am sure a similar situation will come up. This is what I have so far for the model that I want to change …

C: Co-workers who gossip/lie
T: They are so inappropriate. How am I supposed to function and be productive when I have to deal with all of this?
F: Anxious, stressed
A: Difficulty focusing at work, procrastination, buffering
R: Less productive