Working the Model – after last night’s business call with Stacey

Hello amazing people,
So last night I was listening to the business coaching call with the energy bomb that is Stacey. It was a great call. One of the callers asked about “working the model”, and Stacey said, that working the model is when you put the model into practice (I’m summing up so best to relisten if you want her exact words) and make it work in your life.
This really helped me make the link between the work I am doing and applying it and seeing changes in my life. So, my questions are:
1. How many models should we be working at any one time?
2. Should we be reading our IMs every day in order to put them into practice? Or is it enough to just be repeating the T line in our head? For example if my goal is to sell x number of dresses this year and I am practicing my IM around selling dresses, is it most useful to reread the whole IM each day or just the thought? As I write this I think you are going to say, “you get to choose”. I suppose what I am looking for is help to get the IM to work in my life.
3. Should I give myself a deadline to work on one model? 6 months? 1 year? 1 week 😉
4. What do I do with the models I create each day around a thought download, but don’t intentionally use? Or are they just part of the general reprogramming of the brain that is happening?
With thanks for your response
Excitedly yours!