Working the model backwards

I would love to learn how to work the model backwards. My goal is to have 200k in my bank account by June 30,2023.  I filled this model in starting from the R line:

C: 110k in back account May 1, 2022
T: I love saving money
F: Driven
A: look around for things to sell, reduce spending, think about how I can earn and save. Save more than I spend, ask self how I can save more
R: 200k in bank account on June 30,2023

Is this how I would do it? Do I try different thoughts or feelings to produce different actions?

C: same as above
T: I love saving money
F: abundant
A: very grateful and proud for what we have and what we’ve created. I feel relaxed and trusting that money is going to be created. I know I take good care of it. I enjoy my present moment. I decide on what I would love to sell, think about options of how to earn extra money and live my life in line with my values. Create a very abundant year.
R: 200k in bank account June 30, 2023