Working the model backwards follow up

To follow up on the answer of my first question. Here is my new model putting the same C and R

C 200k in bank account June 30, 2023
T I am so proud of what we have created
F proud
A wake up every morning and think about how grateful and proud I am for what we have created. intentionally write down my gratitudes. I look forward and enjoy my workouts, days, clothes my family. I am so proud of our business and grateful we did this together. I celebrate my accomplishments. I feel more present with my family and more confidence because I know what to do and I did it. I have no fear of the future. Don’t – think about shoulds or regrets on what I’ve spent money on. I don’t worry or live in fear that we won’t have enough money. I don’t beat myself up for things I’ve bought or spent my money on.
R 200k in bank account

In my previous question I was told to get specific on my A line to create the money.

A Sell Louis Vuitton pieces 5k, unwanted clothing and childrens out grown toys. Save 3k/month focus on our business, and being mindful with expenditures.

I can come up with about 50k pretty confidently. I just need about about another 50k to reach my goal. Do I just brain storm other ways how to come up with 50k? To be honest I don’t want to work more than working on our business. I don’t want any side jobs. I want to focus solely on the business and the family.