Working the model backwards part 2

So, below is my original question and the coach’s response. The coach had some questions for me around my T line and what the word “this” was referring to. My T line, that said “this is so fun!” was in regards to all of it! I am truly excited about this new chapter in my life and starting a coaching business. So.. if that is in my T line, what would be in my C line? I guess my question is about whether or not we need to fill in the C line when working backwards. I always have trouble figuring that one out.. not just in this model. I was told we need to fill it out though so I am just wanting some guidance as to how to do that.
Thank you!

Original question :
Hi. I have a question around using the model backwards. I put in the R line – Blown minds!! Mine and others. The A line would be that I built a super successful business. The F line is driven and excited and the T line is “This is so fun! I am going to blow my own mind!” Then… what is the C line? I was told we do have to fill in the C line but I don’t know how to do that when working backwards…

Thanks for your help:)

Just check the context-

What is “this” when you say “This is so fun!” ?

Building a business? Owning a business? Sharing content?