Working through “resistance”

Hi, my brain recently seems to be on fire with, “things shouldn’t be this way.” As I am observing my mind I am seeing this pattern in a lot of areas of my life and it’s blocking me from living into the best version of me.

It’s almost like my brain is saying that living into the best version of me shouldn’t require as much mind management.

For example, today when I was going to my spin class, my body was tired and I almost cried over it. My thought was: “why I am always so tired?” which lead to frustration and resisting the fatigue even worse.

My second example is that I have to return a package from Amazon that arrived broken and my brain is making this a huge deal too.

I can see how I am setting up obstacles and adding drama but I wonder why? Why I am making fatigue and going to process a return a reason to feel heavy or depressed? Any insight is helpful.