Working thru Unintentional Models.

I am just starting my work for November. I opened the book and read the pages and I am sitting down now to do Week 1 Day 1.
My thought download reads-
My emotions need the most work. I blanket them and indulge either in Happiness or Overwhelm. It is a hard habit to break. If we create these coping mechanisms that serve us it is hard to know how to break them. Will my awarenesses be enough of a road map to dig deep enough to shift? The same is true with Beliefs. how do we shine a light on our beliefs to know if they are serving us or blocking us? Perhaps the state of our lives is the thermometer to our success? Not sure. I used to be a really strong deliberate Manifestor. I am no longer. Did I lose my focus? Or do I need to create a new focus?

So now I am trying to do the Unintentional Model….and the Intentional Model. Not sure what my Circumstance is for my Unintentional
Model is….and I want to really do this work as I know it is the area that needs the most work.