Working towards purpose

Yay August! I read the packet and started the assignments. I struggle with constraint when it comes to requests from other people. This surprises me about myself which is entertaining.

I am a part of a non-profit club and people are always asking me to do things for them. I have been just saying yes and allowing those tasks to eat up my day leaving me feeling very drained and “busy.” I’m using the “busy” as an excuse. Sigh.

It was very helpful to do this exercise because I am seeing that I this is a choice that I have been making. If it’s my choice then I can also choose not to do that. Here’s a model that I wrote this morning on this. I’m not sure about my C here.

Unintentional Model

C – Me
T – People ask me to do things for them that are important to them but not aligned with my purpose.
F – Drained
A – I choose to accommodate these requests and fill my day with activities that serve other people and are not aligned with my purpose.
R – I am using being busy as an excuse and I’m not accomplishing things that I want to.

Intentional Model
C – Me
T – When somebody asks me to do something I will ask myself if completing that task is aligned with my goals and purpose.
F – Committed
A – I constrain my actions to align with my purpose. When people ask me to do things that are not aligned I politely decline.
R – I do not feel drained by working on other peoples projects instead I feel energized by working on projects aligned with my goals.

I appreciate any feedback on these models and also any suggested thoughts I can try on around constraint.