Working while feeling dread

Sometimes I just don’t want to do the work I planned for the day. Today I had a couple of writing assignments to tackle and did almost nothing because I kept feeling dread. Thoughts were “I don’t want to do this” “This is too much work” “I want to be doing something more fun” “I’m tired of writing”

I’ve tried allowing the feeling and choosing to do the work anyway but it’s not happening. I wanted to take a closer look and do a model with dread as the circumstance.

C = I notice the feeling of dread
T = It’s too hard to work while I’m feeling dread
F = Resistance
A = I start the work but stop after a few minutes; I give in to distractions like checking email, answering texts, surfing the web, and self-coaching scholars; I am not as focused on the assignment; I lie down because the resistance tires me; I get up and grab something to eat; I do other non-essential tasks like update credit card information on various sites.
R = I don’t do the work

Right now that thought “It’s too hard to work while I’m feeling dread” feels very true. It’s like I just can’t work while the dread is there. I wanted to replace it with something that serves me better and gives me a feeling of “gung-ho” or ready to work.

I’ve tried thoughts like “I can work even when I feel dread,” “Dread is nothing more than a feeling,” and “I’m in control of my actions” but either my mind doesn’t believe it or the thought only gives a mild feeling of being ready to work.

Thoughts and suggestions on where to go from here?