Working with Focus

Hi Brooke,
I have contradictory thoughts around a behaviour I want to change.
I often work with backround ‘noise’, a podcast, a video, even a scholars recording. I want to let go of this buffering because I know it affects my ability to focus and get work done efficiently. I also think the constant switching between tasks prevents me from getting in a flow state and is more mentally exhausting than mono-tasking.
On the other hand, my brain wants to stay in the safe & familiar pattern I have made. I work alone from home so it helps me feel less lonely, it gives me reason to laugh… I learn things. I tell myself I am being more productive with my time because i am learning things while doing my familiar repetitive work. I tell myself I can do both things at once. That I deserve some comfort pleasure in my lonely day. … I know it’s not true I don’t multitask well. I even think if I focused on work fully for first part of my day I might finish early and have the occasional afternoon free to enjoy without guilt.
Since both thoughts are present what do I do? On some level I believe both. My long term goal oriented brain wants to mono-task and my short term brain wants comfort.
I wonder if my lack of social life makes my need for this problematic and i should focus on making a friend in my new town first before trying to remove my virtual friends? Or is it simply letting go of belief I need comfort while working?