Working with woman with traumatic past

Hi Brooke,
I would like to start thanking you and your team for the amazing work you are doing.
I’m made in Romania, living in the Netherlands and recently I started working as volunteer with refugee woman. In my search on how to help/ coach them better I found your program.
I would love to get certified with you, unfortunately I don’t afford it at the moment , still as a way to move forward I joined the self-coaching scholars.
Regardless the fact that I have a Biotechnology background and I started very recently with coaching ( as volunteer) I feel the amazing impact of your model. I ran it on me, friends, family.. it ALWAYS works.
My questions for you are the following :
Some of the refugee woman I will coach have a traumatic past. There is no way for them to afford a therapist or coach. Can you please help me with the following information:
1. What do I have to pay attention to when working with people with a traumatic past.
2. What can go wrong.
3. How to help them in the most efficient way.
4. How to protect myself from the heaviness of their story, I’m very emphatic. ( During previous activities, I found myself going to other rooms to cry)