Works on Ep 152

Hi… I did the works on episode 152 about Fear. When i finished the questions i feel like its kind of incomplete because i was expecting that by the end i should be able to turn the feeling around just like when i did the works on Ep 151. Thinking it through, i came up with this understanding:

That self-pity is an induldent emotion that does not ever serve us, instead, spin us in cycle that will make us think less and less of ourselves. Its an emotion that we have to learn to pass through quickly, i.e., allow it just to know that it is just a vibration in our body but not to indulge in it because it make us stagnant if not take us back several steps.

While fear, although not really useful in most situations we are in now a days if we give in to it, it is an emotion we need to learn to become used to since our brain will always tell us to be afraid when we need to change. And we need change if we want to be out of the current situation we are in whatever it may be. Thus, we will allow fear to be there but we also need to have courage to face it head on (instead of giving in to fear) and still do the things we are afraid of in order to make a change in our life that we want to.

Am i getting it right? Appreciate your thoughts on this 🙂