Workshop for College Students

Hi Brooke,
I have been asked to conduct a workshop this summer to a small group of College Students (Resident Leaders) using the model. (I just read another Self Coaching Scholar is teaching it to High School Students). I put together a rough draft power point presentation and showed it to a couple college students to get their input and they loved it—gave me some good suggestions and I am still working on it. My question to you is do you think it would be OK if I talked with the other person (perhaps we could share emails at first) who is teaching it to high school students? Not sure if Erika could provide us each other’s info. Also–while writing in my journal this morning I had an “Aha” moment–I was writing about this year and some things going on and I wrote “it’s going to be awesome, I can just feel it”. I stopped and laughed as I realized my thoughts are why I feel that way–how many times do people say this and don’t even realize it is their thoughts driving their feelings. I am LOVING the thought downloads each day and our Zoom Calls. Thank you for all your do!