I’ve been really struggling to answer the questions in the sheets given in the workshops. I’m currently on the Compelling Reasons workshop and was able to write down a lot of “I don’t know’s.” Some of them, I got an answer for and was able to get an answer to “What if you did know?” and others, I still felt split down the middle.

Then, moving on to “Make a decision to commit no matter what. What is your why? Why is this important?” I had so many I don’t knows, I didn’t know (HA!) which to commit to or how to commit to all of them… The further along I went on the questions, the more I got stuck. And I want to be able to answer this. I think I need someone to walk me through it.

Then on the feelings workshop- same thing.. I struggled to come up with what the worst feeling is. I was thinking betrayal and abandonment, but I almost wondered if these aren’t really feelings, but judgements of actions. And then describing how they feel without currently feeling those things, I got stuck and then didn’t know what to say for the rest of the worksheet.

I think it bothers me that I am not completing these because I feel like I’m failing and not learning how to manage my mind. Which is just a thought, but AHHH. What do I do?