Worried about aunt during Covid-19

My aunt sold her company to an overseas company, and the contract says she is to manage it for two years until the final payout. Its a food service company with 100 employees in a country that has a partial, not full, shelter in place, and thus can remain open. The parent company is also requiring her to remain open during the pandemic. My aunt has a compromised immune system and is in the high risk category, due to a chronic health condition. I am worried the she is exposing herself to the virus by continuing to work (even harder than usual, for that matter). She says she has to keep working, the she doesn’t have a choice. I see that she cannot control her C, and I cannot control her C, yet I also see that she could be making different decisions, meaning she could refuse to keep the company open, or resign, or whatever. How can I come from love, stop worrying, and help her to see some other option? Is it about me going through to the worst case scenario (that she contracts C-19 and dies earlier since she getting exposure from her workers that she may not know if they are carriers) and making peace with that, or something else?