Worried about hurting people

I am worried about hurting people’s feelings when I share my side of things.

A few months ago I signed up for business coaching with a coach I wasn’t 100% sure about. Specifically, I wasn’t sure if she could support me emotionally as well as in my business. She reassured me that’s what she does so I entered a coaching agreement with her. However, during our first session it was clear she wasn’t a great listener and she didn’t ask many questions. I wasn’t happy with her style of coaching. In the second session, I was feeling very vulnerable and wanted to chat through that, instead of being heard, I got loads of suggestions on what to do.

So I decided to write her an email to pull out of the contract. I explained briefly that this is not for me and hoping she could issue a refund for 700 USD I paid upfront for session. She said she doesn’t do refunds as I signed 30 days notice and instead I can have a session with her to figure out whether this is the best decision for me. I then had to decide if I was going to tell her that I’m not happy with the coaching. I was really tempted to just leave the money on the table and walk away. Not get into drama. Not stir the waters. And potentially not hurt her by saying the quality of the coaching wasn’t what I expected.

This happens to me quite often. I am afraid I will hurt people with my honesty. Perhaps I’m afraid of rejection, not sure?!

I spoke with a friend and she encouraged me to be honest, so I wrote a really clean email. And got a refund for 700 USD.

I know that to be the best coach I’d like to grow my ability to be direct and thoughtful at the same time. But I’m not sure what holds me back from being there. (except my T’s and F’s…)

Thank you