Worried about new asphalt driveway

My house has been a major DIY project since we bought it 4 years ago. There’s still much left to do. We were putting in sprinklers over the weekend when someone drove by asking if we wanted to put a new layer of asphalt on our driveway. They said they would give us a discount because they were doing a parking lot nearby and had extra asphalt that would be thrown out if not used.

I don’t usually like last-minute decisions but the price was good and felt like if we did it later it would be 2-3 times as much. My husband was against the idea but said for me to do whatever I wanted. It was $3,000 and I charged it to the card because we don’t have the money.

They came that same day (Saturday) with a crew of like 10 guys and only had enough material to do half the driveway. They came back on Monday to finish. The guy I spoke (owner) with said that by Wednesday, we could park our cars on any part of the driveway.

We parked one car overnight on Wednesday night on the part done on Saturday, and I saw in the morning there were clear tire indentations left behind.

I was so upset by this and still am. From what I’ve been reading, they might not have done a good job. I don’t even know the name of the company to look up reviews as the card the guy gave me doesn’t have it, neither does the receipt (It has another person’s name), and I didn’t pay attention to the name on the truck.

I feel like a fool and feel like I shouldn’t have made such a last-minute decision. I was trying to be decisive using the information at hand. It seemed like a good deal. He seemed professional. We needed it and had planned to do it in the future. We didn’t have the money for it, but we could charge it. We don’t have any other credit card bills. So I went with it.

But now I feel like crying because $3,000 is a lot of money wasted if it was a shoddy job. And I made the decision so it’s all on me.

How do I process this as a SCS and where can I go from here?