Worried about passive actions

Hi! I’m enrolled in scholars for about a month now and I really enjoy all the material that is available. I’ve started the workshop ‘how to feel better’ and the ‘Year of doing the impossible’. I printed the workbooks and the differents worksheets, took the time to put them in different binders, and I’m now concerned that I’m doing too many passive actions instead of massive actions. I do a model and a thought download every day though.

Here’s my model on the subject. I would love to have some of your feedback on it!

C: I’m enrolled in scholars
T: I’m worried that I spend too much time doing passive actions
F: Worried
A: I beat myself up, I tell myself I will never be able to take action, I tell myself I will never change, I’m questioning my ability to distinguish between massive actions and passive actions.
R: My self-confidence is decreasing