Worried about urges in the future – any ideas?

I’m on a weightloss journey and I’m doing well. I’m losing weight, I’m down to losing my last 10 lbs, I’m being present to my urges, following my protocol. I’m going to be traveling for two weeks with my extended family who doesn’t have the best eating habits. I’m expecting that we’ll be eating out a lot at fast food restaurants, that there’ll be homemade cookies almost every day, wine, cheese and lots of delicious foods. And I keep thinking it’s going to be so hard. I get scared that the urges will be too strong and that I’ll give in. At times when I think about those two weeks, it feels like if a monster was going to reap out of my body and eat everything in sight… hahaha! When I tell myself that I can add joy foods here and there, I worry that it will make the craving worse. That if I eat one cookie made my mother-in-law, that I’ll want them all. I notice that I’m thinking about the cookie as a loving affair. And I don’t want to think about it in this way. I want to feel indifferent.

I’d love some ideas on how to navigate these two weeks, so I can stay true to my goal of losing weight. And how to be now, so I don’t waste so much energy thinking about the future.

My imaginary automatic model

C: Traveling with fam and lots of delicious food available
T: It’s going to be so hard. I’m going to want all that food and I’m scared I’ll give in and lose my progress.
E: Fear. Dispair. worry
A: Think over and over about the food there and how awful I’m going to feel.
R: I worry ahead of time.

I feel a bit stuck with my conscious model… could you pls. help me?

C: Traveling with fam and lots of delicious food available
T: I’ve been practicing to be present to my urges and I’ve already made so much progress. I can take it one day at a time.
E: A little more calm, but still not fully relaxed.