Worried about daughter and school

Hi Brooke,

For the past 4 years my teen daughter has struggled with anxiety and depression which resulted in her missing most of 7th and 8th grade. After intensive therapy she approached the 9th grade school year with optimism, but within a week was unable to get out of bed and to school. After exhaustive work with therapists, school counselors, etc. me and my ex decided the only solution was to send her to a therapeutic boarding school out of state. There she did much better, completed her 9th grade credits and some of her 10th grade credits. She returned home in January ’17 (you actually coached me about this when I was apprehensive about her return). We sent her to the alternative H.S. in town thinking it would be an easier transition, but unfortunately due to a bad bf breakup and the lack of academic structure old habits set in: not getting out of bed in the morning, missing many days of school. She claimed she hated that school and wanted to go the regular H.S. So, here we are approaching another fall and the beginning of 11th grade. I’m scared to death of going through the entire cycle again.

Compounding my worry is that I will be attending the LCS training in September, so Lily will be starting the school year from her Dad’s house. After I complete the training I want to return home and really hit the ground running with starting my coaching business and finishing up the certification, but I know from the past that if Lily goes down the drain and starts missing school, I become consumed with worry and it’s hard for me to concentrate on much else then scrambling trying to figure out what to do to help her/fix her. Now, I know intellectually that I can’t really help or fix her, because believe me, I’ve tried!!

So, time to let my self-coaching support me through this process. I want to succeed at my life and business no matter what. But if/when my daughter is failing and perhaps flunking out of H.S. I feel scared, helpless and sad and it’s hard to find the motivation and confidence to nail my own life.

Thanks for your help!