Worried or a Need to Control?

My 21-year-old son has Crohn’s disease. He was diagnosed at 18. His treatment plan has changed to infusions, and I am concerned that he is not fully aware of how he will react to this new medication. He plans to work a shift at his job the same day as his infusion. I feel this is a bad idea. I have been sending him links to web pages and asked him to reach out to others on the same treatment plan to get info on their experience.

Here are some thoughts from a download:
I worry because I love my son.
I send him links and information because I am concerned that he’s not informed.
He doesn’t understand his disease.
Good moms worry.

Here are new thoughts I’m trying on:
My son is an adult.
Millions of people have Crohn’s disease.
Millions of dollars are spent on treatment research for this disease.
My son will receive treatment from smart, well-qualified people.

Where is the work? Is the work on my need to fix/control him? Or is the work on my worry?

This is what’s happening…
C: My son’s infusion treatment
T: He isn’t aware of how it may affect him
F: Scared
A: Tell him to not go to work that day. Send him links to information to read.
R: He ghosts me via text

This is what I’m working toward…
C: My son’s infusion treatment
T: My son’s medical team will take care of him.
F: Hopeful
A: Simply support him. Respond if asks me for something. Be still.
R: My son’s disease is managed