Hello coaches,

Could you please provide feedback on my models. I’m especially looking at the R as it flows from the T.

C: An ever-present feeling of worry
T: I shouldn’t worry so much
F: guilty
A: Try to ignore the feelings: drink, eat, exercise
Try to fix the feelings: Educate myself and read a book about worry;
Try to resolve the feelings: Write a list of my worries; Complain to others about my worries
R: Worry continues and I still feel like it’s my fault, a personal failing for not overcoming it

C: An ever-present feeling of worry
T: Time to create a worry time protocol
F: capable
A: Create a protocol that supports me and helps me rest: stop reading the news, get a good paper book, do a daily meditation
Make a list of the worries and tackle them, do something about them, if possible.
Make plans with friends and family to have fun, switch the channel in my head.
R: I lower the volume of worry and make some progress on the things I can control