Here is my model on my money worry. I would love some suggestions. Thanks!

C Worrying about money
T It’s irresponsible not to figure this out
F Worry
A sit for hours with a journal looking at budget, expenses, what ifs, what I shouldn’t have spent. Get really grumpy with husband on his credit line, and paying it back. Don’t take action on my impossible goal to be a ballerina, don’t help husband with family business, don’t clean my house, care for my children, make grocery list, enjoy my day off or holiday.
R ? Spend a lot of time worrying, making it seem like an issue, not taking action on what I love or really want to do.

Intentional Model

C Worrying about money
T ? It’s okay to feel worry, worry won’t solve for anything, that’s so cute I think I have a money problem I’ve got this, we have more than enough, always have, always will.
F Confident or Empowered
A Bring worry along, get on with my day caring for myself and children, planning our day off, cleaning the house, getting the grocery list ready, practising my ballet,
R ? take action on my life, my goals, everything I want