Worry about health

I have just discovered I have a mole on the skin which looks bad and it’s bleeding. I took an appointment with a specialist, it’s tomorrow. Right now, I’m really worried about my health. I think: “It could be really bad, I may have a major disease, die sooner, be miserable meanwhile, not see my daughter grow up.”

C Mole on the skin
T I may have a major disease
F Worried
A Ruminate, imagine the worst, cry, speak short to my husband, don’t work, lie on the bed
R I give the worst-case scenario more airtime

C Mole on the skin
T Diseases are part of life
F Acceptance
A Generalize, put into perspective, don’t focus on my distress, focus on the positive
R I live a human experience

C Mole on the skin
T This may be benign
F Hope
A Imagine the best-case scenario, do my usual stuff like working or listening to podcast, spend time with my family
R I give the best case scenario air time

I kind of think worry was helpful yesterday and today because I was really focused to make a quick appointment with the doctor. But now there is no action to take. I just have to wait till I’ve got the appointment.
Maybe I could decide it will be ok no matter what, I will have my own back and this is just a human experience, it’s part of life, even death is part of life.

Thank you for your help!