Worry about son

My son has struggled with mental health issues. Diagnosed with PTSD, generalized anxiety, social anxiety. That said, he has done remarkably well. 10 years ago, I didn’t see a time he could hold a job – but he’s now held a job for almost 5 years and has done well there. They are very reasonable about his anxiety and need to sometimes call out/go home.

Still, I find myself worrying. He had to leave work early yesterday due to anxiety, and today sounds like it will be the same. Then my thoughts start, and I get anxious! Appreciate your thoughts. PS I know the anxiety for me is connected to worry about him when i’m gone.

C Son goes home early
T They are going to fire him one of these days
F Fear
A Try to “fix” him, alternate between being loving and supportive and trying to “make him” toughen up and stick it out
R My brain chases its own thoughts all day, I alienate my son, I get anxious and up tight.

C Son goes home early
T This is not under my control
F Acceptance
A Stay in my own lane, take care of my own stuff. Be supporting and loving to son
R I don’t make myself crazy! (hopefully)