Worry about weight loss and looking less feminine

At 5’9” I’ve weighed between 145 and 210. At 145 I feel awesome and look amazing… except when I am nude and my chest has disappeared. This is really humbling. I have a great physical relationship with my husband and at 145 he told me I was too thin. I’m now 180 – and it isn’t bc he said don’t be 145. I had some stress eating creep back into my life that I know now I can slay here with your class. I am trying to decide what I think is my best weight. And I’m scared of being flat chested again – esp at 47 years old! I’m disciplined and know I can get to any weight. I’m not a plastic surgery kinda gal. I’m not afraid of a svelte look and not so curvy look bc I’m curvy in my hips and have a nice figure like that… I’m scared that our sex life will suffer if I have no chest. I could never ask this face to face and am glad for your advice here bc I want to move beyond this fear and yet keep this rich physical part of my marriage.