Worry: allow or refuse?


I am feeling worried about creating my business

C creating my business
T I will end up with no money and depressed
F worry
A saving money / closed, in my head / not smiling / not connecting with others / not visualizing a best or neutral case / simulating by calculation my potential revenue
R I act as bankrupt and depressed ahead of time

So I can see that this f and t are not going to make me where I want to be.
I see that there is no advantage to worrying. But my brain is used to do it and wants to protect me, to stay in the cave, and to not move. This is an indulgent emotion.

My question is: should I allow worry (describe to a Martian, breathe in it) or should I refuse it, and if so, how can I do that?

In addition, if you have any classes in Scholars that you recommend on this topic of worrying?