Worry and grief 2

Coach: What do you imagine you would feel in those set of circumstances you are fearing to happen?
Scholar: Fear, panic, terror, resistance, anger, disgust, shame, sadness, depression, annihilation, suffocation, oppression, crushed, overwhelmed, breathless.

Coach: How would it be for you if you cultivated the courage to experience all of them?
Scholar: I would feel more self-confident. I would know I can face any situation and feel ok. I would embrace life and feel really alive. I would accept life as it is. I would not feel fear and worry now because of what could happen in the future. I would have a deeper connection with my body and feel my emotions instead of staying in my head ruminating.

How do I cultivated this courage to experience all of my emotions?

Could I practice some thoughts, like: “It would be ok to feel annihilation. It’s just an emotion.”? I kind of feel some resistance to think about it.

Thank you!